Agricultural Information Technology Centre(ATIC),ICAR Complex, NEH Region
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Services provided by different Divisions

The services provided by different divisions are hereby listed below:

S.No. Division Services Provided
1 Agroforestry Alternatives to jhum cultivation, vermi-composting, medicinal and aromatic plants cultivation; Integrated Intensive Farming System practices in the hill slopes
2 Agronomy Management of irrigation, fertilizers and farm; Improved crop production
3 Agricultural Engineering Farm machinery, tools and implements; Soil and water conservation practices
4 Agricultural Extension Capacity building and training of farmers on best agricultural practices
5 Animal Health Management of domestic animals in the farm
6 Animal Nutrition Production and management of quality animal feed
7 Animal Production Production and Supply of piglets, rabbits and their management practices; Artificial insemination in pig
8 Poultry Science Production and supply of quality chicks and also eggs
9 Vertinary Parasitology Diagnosis of animal diseases
10 Entomology Integrated Pest Management
11 Fishery Production of fingerlings and technical support for acquaculture
12 Economics & Statistics Database on agricultural economics and technical information on agricultural produce
13 Horticulture Production and supply of quality planting materials for fruit-yield trees and floriculture
14 Plant Breeding Improved seeds for quality planting (rice/maize)
15 Plant Pathology Plant Clinic; Disease management of crops
16 Soil Science Soil quality testing and integrated nutrient management of agricultural soils
17 Water Management Water testing and development of low-cost water harvesting structures in the hill slopes
18 Farm Manager Sale of farm produce